Our great day at science works

“Hey Jacko, I can’t wait till we go the place” Lucas said. On Friday we went to scienceworks and we had a awesome great time. First we arrived at scienceworks and had a snack. Then that’s when we inside. We first did the planaturuim and watched a 45 minute movie of people going out of space. Then we headed over to the science lab. There we learnt about chemical reactions and liquid nitrogen. Then we went to an awesome place where we did a scavenger hunt. My favourite bit about that was the secret door where they went when people attacked them. Then we went to sportsworks. This was probaly my favourite bit about the trip. We did a race if we could get Cathy freeman in a quick race got to shoot goals. This was a great experience

Trip to Gisborne Secondary College

Today we went to Gisborne Secondary for two and a half hours. In the first session we got to go in the theatre for drama. In the theatre we played games. The games we played were like pretending we’re furniture and just acting. Our teachers were Ms McGee and Miss Kay.

In the second session we did art with Ms Sim. We got to do colouring on discs. I used the skills that I  learnt in art with Ms Cairney. I think I did a alright job on that.

I really enjoyed it.

School dance concert

Performing art dance

In a very good school, there was a oval, On a Thursday night, that night was only packed because all the awesome kids were performing a song. The concert got started and every one was so excited. the Singing group sang first and then we had the school choir. “Now we have 4B dancing to “One call away” by Charlie Puth” said Mr Kozak. I was walking up the steps feeling really excited to share my dance. My favourite part of the dance was the tricks in the semi circle, free dance and the poses. My favourite dances were ours, what does the fox say and dance off.img_0688

Haiku poems

  1. The first line of a Haiku poem has to have 5 syllables.
  2. The second line of a Haiku poem has to have 7 syllables.
  3. The third line of a Haiku poem has to have 5  syllables.
  4. The pattern is 5,7,5
  5. Haiku poems are related to Japenese
  6. It is usually about nature